A Soul for the Clefts

There’s a theory I keep reading time and again. The Chaos theory. It has a delinquent concept to it I believe. It’s called the Butterfly Effect, that says that sometimes all you need is a butterfly to flap its wings to cause destruction in more than half of the world. A sensitive dependency on conditions […]

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Sleeping pills on Senses

I have been trying to spill words; like the rerun of wooden memories Like warm coffee sizzling down burning throats on a cold breezy winter morning I’ve been trying to make myself remind that the hollow base of the throat is capable even to produce vibrations that can create enough space for the shades of […]

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It’s Time…

There comes a point when the pale windowsill by your bed, no longer remains contained within your small room. There comes a point when you find the moon is shining brighter than it usually does and you find yourselves love-sick again. The cold wind slaps you across your face but you find it refreshing. You’re […]

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Another slam poem….interestingly, this one turns out to be on mother too!

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